"Kumi has been working on our patients for over seven years.  She works both with cosmetic surgery patients and with breast reconstruction patients. First, she is a warm, lovely person and ALL our patients love her. Second, she really has "healing hands". I am convinced that her treatment after surgery speeds up healing, resolves swelling, and improves the final result.  Her work is particularly dramatic with liposuction patients. I absolutely recommend Kumi and would be happy to talk to anyone about her work."  

~ George Beraka MD, FACS, PC

 "I can’t say enough good things about Kumi. Kumi first worked on me after Liposuction Several years ago and I truly believe that her work is the reason I had minimal swelling and an easy recovery. Kumi worked with me again after my C-sections. After returning home from the hospital more swollen than when I arrived, her magic hands once again reduced the swelling noticeably after each visit, and minimized the discomfort. And it was such a luxury to have her work on me while I was at home, nursing my baby. Most recently, she worked on me after abdominal surgery. Her work is gentle and intuitive. She brings great energy and instinct to the process. I’m a huge fan and trust her implicitly."

 - Jennifer F. New York

"After my first session with Kumi, I felt absolutely amazing.  It felt as if someone had unwound a tight coil inside my torso.  First, there was noticeable reduction in the severity and extent of pain (i.e. areas too sore to touch/move).  Furthermore, there was a definite improvement in my range of motion. One of the key things that I appreciate about Kumi is that she is very cautious and has a "safety first" approach.  She has worked extensively with lipo post-op patients and really understands the anatomical dynamics of what has happened during the procedure and what is happening during the healing process.  She is knowledgeable and has tremendous hands-on experience in this area."

- Nader, NYC

"Kumi has healing hands.  I have regular appointments with her and trust that on each visit she will sense what ails me physically and emotionally and work through this - she is incredibly intuitive.  My needs are not post-surgical-based - simply general healing/relaxation.  I found her through my chiropractor's office and recommend her to anyone interested in any type of massage.  She is cross-trained and can accommodate many needs(including shiatsu, reiki, post-surgical, lymph node work, etc.).  I have introduced her to several friends and everyone agrees that she is especially gifted.  Everyone should have the pleasure of meeting Kumi and experiencing her skilled work!! " 

- Katrina Brooklyn

"I was given a gift certificate for a massage by Kumi and I was very impressed with her skill and professionalism.  She is a wonderful massage therapist even if you have not had surgery.  Very calming and relaxing!"

 - Melissa, New York

"Kumi is fantastic - I trusted her completely.  She has a gentle yet highly effective touch, is personable and incredibly knowledgeable and is a lovely person to be around.  I highly recommend her massage services."

- Sarah, Connecticut

"Kumi is an excellent massage therapist. She has magical hands. She has helped me with my arthritis in my back and neck. She is a gifted massage therapist. I highly recommend her. She has years of experience as a post surgical massage therapist and has worked on post operative breast reconstruction patients."

- Judith, New York